About the NAACP Parents’ Council, Montgomery County, MD

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Pictures above are from our last “in-person” Annual NAACP/MCPS Kick Off!

Join us for our monthly meeting,

May 19, 2021

6:30 pm. 

This meeting will be held virtually.

Our May 19, 6:30 PM meeting will feature recognition for Dr. Jack Smith and the great accomplishments by you, our PC Reps this year! We will have reflections on the challenges and achievements of the school year as well as a review of summer school. There will also be a discussion about the 2021-2022 school year and what to expect.
Don’t miss this wrap up of the year as well as looking at the future school year.
Register in advance for this meeting:

NAACP Parents’ Council May 2021 Registration Link

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Join the new Parents’ Council listserve! NAACP Parents’ Council Group- Click here

School representatives, please submit your monthly activities on the Networking Report Form below.

NAACP Parents’ Council Networking Report Form

Below are links to documents needed by school representatives. Please visit the September 2020 page for more information.

NAACP Parents’ Council School Representative Handbook- Fall-2020

NAACP Parents’ Council- Cluster Representatives- 2020-

MCPS Cluster List

NAACP Parents’ Council – One Sheet Trifold- Fall 2020

NAACP Parents’ Council Monthly Meeting Dates- 2020-2021

MCPS/NAACP Memorandum of Understanding-Highlights, Summer 2020

NAACP Education Committee/Parents’ Council Report – July 2020

As an NAACP Parents’ Council representative you are expected to:

  • attend our monthly meetings (See PC Monthly Meeting Calendar for dates below) If you are unable to attend, please send someone else so your school is represented.
  • share important information from the Parents’ Council with your school community through email lists, phone calls, etc.
  • plan/support outreach events/activities at your school
  • be a member of the NAACP
  • maintain ongoing communication with your school’s PTA leadership

Attention Parents’ Council representatives and friends, please visit the MCPS Equity Accountability Model website. From the MCPS website:

“The MCPS Equity Accountability Model* provides a detailed and focused assessment of school success and publicly monitors and reports all students’ performance. The Equity Accountability Model moves beyond the typical state and federal aggregate reporting to performance reporting for specific focus groups of students who have not experienced the same level of access, opportunity or success as other students.”

MCPS Equity Accountability Model

Join the NAACP! Click here

We are celebrating over 20 years of service!  Formation of the Parents’ Council of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)came about as an outgrowth of ideas put forth during the 1995 and 1996 NAACP Youth Summits. The Parents’ Council is one of the vehicles created to empower African American and other minority parents to take a more pro-active role in the education of their children. The purpose of the Parents’ Council is to provide a forum through which interested citizens may offer assistance, guidance, and support to African American parents and students of Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools (MCPS)  to pursue the highest quality education possible through encouragement, information sharing, positive motivation, critical evaluation and advocacy.

Byron Johns, Chair, email: bajusa@yahoo.com

Angela Jones, Co-Chair, email:  Angelajones0525@gmail.com

Pat Price, Communications Chair: naacpparentscouncil@gmail.com

Wanda Brown, Advisor, Past Chair,  Email contact : visionarybrown@aol.com 

Soffie Ceesay, Programs 

Sheila Chandler, Programs

Sherlene Lucas, Shannon Sisco- Recording Secretaries

Sharon Mosley-Ramsey, Webmaster

Sabrina McMillian, Special Projects, Advocacy, College Advisor 

Melanie Knight, Advisor

Ericka Boone, former MCPS parent, NAACP Scholarship Committee 

Andre Johnson, MCPS parent, Cluster representative  

Laura Dennis, ACT SO coordinator