About the NAACP Parents’ Council, Montgomery County, MD

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Stay up to date with MCPS Updates to the Community Related to the Coronavirus.

MCPS Coronavirus Updates- Webpage Link

NAACP Parents’ Council- Upcoming Event

Due to Coronvirus concerns, the Board of Education Candidates Forum has been cancelled.

Dear Co-Sponsors,

With the current health Covid-19 situation, I’m sorry to tell you that we must cancel the BOE Forum on March 30. We discussed and held off an official decision looking for alternatives to make a forum possible, but unfortunately it must be cancelled.

However, the questions that candidates answered for the Voter’s Guide put out by the League of Women Voters should be live tomorrow. Click here: Vote 411 Website

The electronic version of Vote411.org will have all eight questions and the candidates’ answers, then we expect the paper version of the Voter’s Guide that will be published in a few more weeks and will have five questions and answers from you. We are unsure when the Spanish version will be released at this time because of translations, but will certainly advise you when it is available.

These are the questions that will be on the electronic format with candidates’ answers:

QUALIFICATIONS: How does your background prepare you for the duties of this office?

OPPORTUNITY GAP:  What approaches do you support to provide equitable countywide student access to experienced teachers and administrators and a diverse set of programs?

BOUNDARY CHANGES: What factors do you think are most important in considering changes to school boundaries?

FUNDING: Which recommendations by the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education should be given the highest priority?

SCHOOL SAFETY:  How would you address school safety issues such as gun violence, gang problems and bullying?

VOCATIONAL ALTERNATIVES: What programs do you propose to address vocational preparation and opportunities for non-college bound students?

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:  How will you obtain and use community and parent/Student views in making Board decisions?

PRIORITIES: What are your top three priorities?

Again, our sincere regrets for having to cancel the event. We will stay in touch as we learn more. Please do use this electronic link after it is live and place it on your website or facebook page for voters’ information.

Stay healthy!





As an NAACP Parents’ Council representative you are expected to:

  • attend our monthly meetings (See PC Monthly Meeting Calendar for dates below) If you are unable to attend, please send someone else so your school is represented.
  • share important information from the Parents’ Council with your school community through email lists, phone calls, etc.
  • plan/support outreach events/activities at your school
  • be a member of the NAACP

Click below for this year’s meeting dates!

Parents’ Council- Meeting Dates 2019-2020

Documents to share with your School Community about our Organization: 

PC School Representative Handbook 2019 – 2020

PC School Representative Trifold- Updated Fall 2019

Attention Parents’ Council representatives and friends, please visit the MCPS Equity Accountability Model website. From the MCPS website:

“The MCPS Equity Accountability Model* provides a detailed and focused assessment of school success and publicly monitors and reports all students’ performance. The Equity Accountability Model moves beyond the typical state and federal aggregate reporting to performance reporting for specific focus groups of students who have not experienced the same level of access, opportunity or success as other students.”

MCPS Equity Accountability Model

Join the NAACP! Click here

We are celebrating over 20 years of service!  Formation of the Parents’ Council of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)came about as an outgrowth of ideas put forth during the 1995 and 1996 NAACP Youth Summits. The Parents’ Council is one of the vehicles created to empower African American and other minority parents to take a more pro-active role in the education of their children. The purpose of the Parents’ Council is to provide a forum through which interested citizens may offer assistance, guidance, and support to African American parents and students of Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools (MCPS)  to pursue the highest quality education possible through encouragement, information sharing, positive motivation, critical evaluation and advocacy.

Join our email listserve: parentscouncilnet@yahoogroups.com

Byron Johns, Chair, email: bajusa@yahoo.com

Angela Jones, Co-Chair, email:  Angelajones0525@gmail.com

Pat Price, Communications Chair: naacpparentscouncil@gmail.com

Wanda Brown, Advisor, Past Chair,  Email contact : visionarybrown@aol.com 

Soffie Ceesay, Programs 

Sharon Mosley-Ramsey, Webmaster, Programs

Sabrina McMillian, Special Projects, Advocacy, College Advisor 

Melanie Knight, Advisor

Ericka Boone, former MCPS parent, NAACP Scholarship Committee 

Andre Johnson, MCPS parent, Cluster representative  

Laura Dennis, MCPS parent

Back to School Info Packet

Addressing Parent Concerns- For School PC Reps

NAACP Parents’ Council – Fund-raising Guidance Summary

Back to School Night Resource Ideas- check August 2018 page 

Parents’ Council representatives should set up a table to greet parents at his/her Back to School Night. Some suggestions  for handouts include:

  • MCPS At  A Glance for your School (This document will give a brief look into your school’s demographics)
  • Flyers for Upcoming meetings at your school
  • Sign In Sheet for parents to sign up for your school level Parents’ Council (Collect names and email addresses)
  • Survey sheet to take comments from parents on the requests for Meeting Topics