June 2018- Wrap Up

June Year in Review Wrap up

Representatives in attendance shared thoughts of the year as a Parents’ Council representative in his/her school. Major discussion points listed below:

  • A recommendation was made to form more of a partnership with MCCPTA specifically the Fall training to include the Parents’ Council representative.
  • A recommendation was made to provide more training for new representatives on how to get started at individual schools.
  • Chiquita Battle, PC representative at Ashburton ES,  was recognized with a certificate for the Citation and Recognition provided by the State of Maryland and Montgomery County in 2017,for her and her husband efforts on Dad’s take your child to school day
  • Melanie Knight, MCPS Administrator shared a document created at her school used as a planning tool for Parents’ Council group at Wood Acres ES


In attendance:

Byron Johns

Angela Jones

Sherlene Lucas

Sharon Mosley-Ramsey

Pam Taylor

Dana Evans

Paul Geller

Chiquita Battle

Brian Roberts



Revonne Johnson

Melanie Knight

Laura Dennis