The February 2020 Meeting-Boundary Analysis Presentation

The February meeting included a presentation on the MCPS Boundary Study Analysis. This is an important issue for the Parents’ Council to pay attention to.  Visit the MCPS Boundary Analysis Webpage linked below.



PC Meeting Agenda for Feb. 20, 2020

Boundary Study Information– MCPS Boundary Analysis Webpage


From Byron Johns, Our Chair

NAACP PC Leaders,

At the last Parents’ Council meeting (a couple of weeks ago) we had a presentation from one of the consultant firms involved with the MCPS Boundary Analysis underway.

As this has been such a ‘hot topic’ in the news and on social media, please review so you have the direct information, and you are better informed when talking to community members or the press.

My Key Takeaways & Our Position

  • The Boundary Analysis is about long overdue data collection and analysis, NOT recommending school boundaries or BUSSING!
  • There are factions opposed to the Boundary Analysis that have espoused prejudice, racist, and xenophobic ideas and disinformation. It’s unfortunate, but a wakeup call highlighting the importance of the NAACP, Parents’ Council, Coalition building with like-minded people, and your engagement in the community.
  • The NAACP Parents’ Council supports the Boundary Analysis
  • The NAACP Parents’ Council has not taken a position w.r.t. BUSSING.
  • The NAACP Parents’ Council supports educational equity for all, especially Black, Brown and low-income students


Byron Johns

Chair, Education Committee

NAACP Montgomery County Md