The May 2021 Meeting- Thank you Dr. Smith and more

Thank you Dr. Smith!

The May 2021 meeting featured an expression of thanks to Dr. Jack Smith, MCPS Superintendent. Dr. Smith is retiring in June. He has been a true partner with the Parents’ Council over the past several years. Thank you Dr. Smith!

Additional presenters on the Agenda:

  1.  Stephanie Sheron and Troy Boddy will talk high level about the Anti-racist Audit
  2.  Derek Turner will talk about the Boundary Analysis report
  3.  Niki Hazel will talk about assessing and addressing learning disruption and the work done through mitigation group.  Also talk to what learning disruption means and what parents can do to support their child with this
  4.  Niki Hazel will present on summer school and will provide a one sheeter of information of FAQs that parents can use to bring back to their communities as a resource on this
  5.  Pete Cevenini/Kara Trenkamp will talk about the virtual academy and provide FAQs around that
  6.  Diane Morris will talk about a few key points about opening in person instruction in the fall

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