The October 2020 (Virtual Meeting) Let’s Get Organized, Part II

Ms. Jeannie Franklin, Director, MCPS, Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program

For the past several years, Ms. Franklin has presented at Parents’ Council meetings in efforts to share information related to Choice programs of MCPS.

MCPS Special Programs Webpage 

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Ms. Lisa Harris, ABLE –Advancing Black Lives in Education, Inc. (ABLE)

The effects of the Coronavirus have been far-ranging but have disproportionately affected Black families in all aspects of life, including education.  ABLE was formed out of concern that the already=existing disparities that exist in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) not be further exacerbated in a virtual learning environment.  ABLE is determined that all of our children must absolutely thrive in this new learning environment.  Our focus is on assessing the needs of Black students and parents and on responding accordingly to ensure and strengthen our children’s engagement and achievement during this unprecedented time.  We are committed to being a force – a listening ear, a squeaky wheel, a source of information, and a provider of resources.  We are in the process of building a cadre of tutors to provide supplemental support to students and are also exploring the possibility of small learning pods.  We also expect to provide some resources focused on the social and emotional health of students and parents.  Finally, we are passionate about making space for Black families to share experiences, to seek answers, and to support each other.

We look forward to opportunities to partner with the NAACP-Parents’ Council and representatives to reach as many Black families as possible and invite you to connect with us by phone (301-807-6584) or email (  We also have a closed, private Facebook group. Search for “Advancing Black Lives (in) Education – ABLE” and request to be added, and one of the administrators will add you soon thereafter.  We are ABLE!


Equity Hubs

Byron Johns shared updates related to the Equity Hubs. This has been a very successful program that supports student achievement. Students attend their virtual classes from a supervised location in an MCPS elementary school. There are several Equity Hubs already up and working well with an actual wait list! More equity hubs are scheduled to open in the coming weeks as the final plans for opening MCPS schools is still being planned.

EEEH Expansion Presentation -October 2020