The August 2019 Meeting- Let’s Get Organized Part 1

Our first Parents’ Council meeting was full of energetic new and returning school representatives eager to start the work. The meeting included presentations on Maximizing your school’s Back to School night for outreach, Addressing Parent Concerns,  and more. More information is coming soon.

PC Rep Handbook 2019 – 2020

PC Agenda August 22 2019


Back to School Night Resources

Parents’ Council representatives should request a display table to setup for Back to School Night. The purpose of this table is to share materials (some below) and to collect contact information from interested parents to keep all year long for the purpose of communication and planning. As stated at the August meeting, a great resource would be a small business card or flyer with your contact information to share with parents. You may also want to have a small survey for parents to share ideas of their interests for the year. You should visit the MCPS website to get a copy of your school’s At A Glance information to share with parents. This document provides a glimpse into your school’s population and more. Below are a few documents to get you started. Ensure that your table is bright and inviting! Have a great Back to School Night!



MCPS Schools At a Glance Page

PC Group- Sample Parent survey and volunteers

PC Group- Sample Sign up

More helpful documents for your Back to School Night Table….

Talk to Your Student Before a Parent Teacher Conference

Research Based Tips  for High Achievement Parenting

Questions to Ask at a Parent Teacher Conference