The February 2018 Meeting

This month’s meeting featured presenters, Ms. Moore and Ms. Gilchrist of OSFSE,  the Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement (OSFSE). We also held a mini conference on topics of interest to Parents’ Council School Representatives.

“Amplifying your Parent Voice”

Feb. 15, 2018, 6:30 pm

PC Meeting Agenda- Feb. 15, 2018

Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement

Please visit their website for more information and tips!

OSFSE Website Link



For this month’s meeting, we held a Mini Conference where school representatives were invited to sign up for 3 mini sessions on topics of interest. Sessions were held for 20 minutes. The feedback on this format was positive so we plan to do it again. Thanks to our facilitators.

PC Mini Conference Capture Sheet- Feb. 15, 2018

School representatives were invited to take a Gallery Walk around to look at our Mini conference topics. Then, they were asked to add comments and questions about each.  More information coming… 

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