The January 2022 Meeting- Meeting with Dr. McKnight

We wanted to share with you a link to a community conversation that took place Wednesday January 19th sponsored by the NAACP Parent Council and the Black and Brown Coalition. We had 850 people register, upwards of 550 parents participate and 500+ more have viewed the YouTube link:
As you will see from the 550+ chat comments and the 132 questions posed, this was a critical opportunity for Black and Brown parents to be together and share their raw and authentic questions and concerns directly with Dr. McKnight. We are deeply grateful to Dr. McKnight who took the time to listen carefully; who reiterated her strong commitment to equity; and who made clear that such gatherings will lead to action on her part and not just talk. We ended with a clear commitment for follow up and more conversations.
We hope that you will take time to view this event at your convenience.
Byron Johns, Chair
NAACP Parents’ Council