The November 2020 Meeting

The November meeting, held virtually, included a guest speaker presenting on MCPS hiring practices. Below are some highlights from this meeting:

NAACP Parents’ Council- Nov. 12, 2020 Meeting Agenda

Highlights from November 2020 meeting:

Opening announcements and reminders:

School representatives shared a variety of activities and supports being held at schools that support the entire school community. The plan is to gather up ideas to share as part of our push for advocacy.

Parent Council representatives were reminded to ask for contact information of African American parents at his/her school for the purpose of communication. An agreement between the NAACP and MCPS has been approved for school representatives to receive this information. If you are an NAACP Parents’ Council representative and are having trouble getting this information, please contact your Cluster Representative.


Helen Nixon, MCPS, Human Resources and Development, Associate Superintendent MCPS Hiring Practices with Dana Edwards, Director II MCPS Teacher Staffing, Yolanda Stanislaus, MCPS Department of Professional Growth Systems, Director II. Helen Nixon strives to ensure MCPS hires diversity, equity focused teachers. Focused on the work of OHRD joint collaboration with NAACP PC representative stakeholders. Took note of concerns with increasing diversity of teachers in schools.

Dana Edwards informed council representatives of the new virtual conversation series of equity and diversity within current staff members that will take place every 2 weeks starting in December 2020. Focus on groups such as B.O.N.D. to help keep those diversity teachers in the county.

Yolanda Stanislaus informed the community of upcoming ways (Say Yes to Teaching) Symposium. An event to learn about the teaching profession and network with education professionals. Event to take place in May 2021.

Virtual Teaching-What’s working? What can Parents do to help with virtual learning?
This is a topic we will revisit. An MCPS Music Teacher shared her experiences with teaching while working virtually. She focused on student mental health and in-class and out of class activities. Challenges have been managing workload, but keeping the students engaged in virtual talent shows and other virtual activities were helpful. She indicated parents’ feedback has been helpful and effective.

CALLING ALL NAACP PC Representatives 

  • Spread the word – Educational Equity Hubs Equity Hub Registration There are now over 30 sites with over 600 kids. New funding received, allowing growth! Beginning the focus for the second semester.

  • Testify at the BOE meeting!! NAACP PC Representatives need to SPEAK UP! SPEAK UP @ BOE Meetings

    • The sign-ups for the meeting on December 3, 2020, will open on TUESDAY, November 24, 2020, at 9:00 a.m., and it will close on MONDAY, November 30, 2020, at 12:00 noon.

  • All NAACP-PC Reps should have a list of parents of their school. If you have not received one – ASK your school. If you have asked and NOT been given a list, please let the NAACP Council Committee know.

  • Parent Survey (preference to return to school) Family Preference Survey

Notes captured by NAACP Parents’ Council Representative, Shannon Sisco.