The November 2021 Meeting

Our monthly meeting held on Nov. 17, 2021 was full of information and updates. Below is a recap of our meeting. This meeting was held virtually.

“Advocacy and Community Building at your school, Parents’ Council “Start-Up”, Principal/PTA Partnership Review, Magnet Lawsuit, Covid-19 Vaccine and other Updates “

NAACP Parents’ Council Monthly Meeting November 17, 2021- Link to Meeting Video

Zoom Virtual Meeting Minutes

6:30-8:00 pm

This meeting was recorded.

  • Welcome (Byron)
    • Remarks by Linda Plummer – MC NAACP President
    • Statement posted in chat from DHHS regarding what happened with South Lake Elementary vaccination incident
    • Link to List of Vaccine Sites was posted as well.
    • 14% of 5-11 year-olds vaccinated the 1st week were African-American students, compared to 22% MCPS student population in that age group
    • Latino health initiative has been great for outreach in the community to make the vaccination rates the highest in the country for the Latino community.
    • Discussion about how to address under vaccination rates in the African-American community.
    • Covid Poll to gauge interest in getting kids vaccinated or hosting “Ask the Doctor” sessions at school
    • Lawsuit against MCPS about change in middle school magnet program admissions discussed. NAACP has decided to become intervener in litigation to side with MCPS to help keep the current standards, Looking for parents interested in learning more and having their child’s interests represented in the case, upcoming meeting with Legal Defense Fund, Poll to gauge interests
  • Parent Council Start-up Review
  • Working Together as a Group at Your School
    • Nassar Muhammed – Burtonsville ES PC Rep,
    • Spoke about his experiences as rep
    • Suggestions:
      • get on radar of PTA president, work as a partner with the PTA board
      • work with Principal, ex: discuss plan for staff representation at school level, students need to see themselves in people in instructional authority
      • shared letter he wrote to parents at his school
      • Sample documents available: welcome letter, website, agenda- click here
      • Invite principal, NAACP Council Leadership to meeting
    • Brandi Collins-Calhoun, Parent Rep Albert Einstein HS,
      • Offered contact for reaching out, didn’t do breakout, has resources to add if anyone needs pointers
    • Ronald English,
      • Discussed PC experiences at Whitman, One Whitman and Leadership Academy for Social Justice program discussed, in depth conversation around the need for tough conversations
    • Additional Items
      • Donald Whitfield discussed Virtual Academy update, discussed establishing a PTA
      • Links, agenda, resources, and chat question/answers will be posted for reps.
    • Closing Poll to address needs and follow up

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm