The November 2022 Meeting

Our November monthly NAACP Parents’ Council Meeting was held on Nov 16, 2022.

Agenda Topics:  *   Medical Update- With triple viruses, cold weather and the holidays converging, we’ll get guidance on individual and community health measures  *   Continue Unpacking Evidence of Learning data in Level-Alike Breakout Groups – The 1st marking period is over, so we will address what and where to look for deeper evidence of learning and what additional resources  *   Follow-up on Math Supports & Tutoring Survey; MCPS’ Plan Going Forward – MCPS’ initial response to the Parents’ Council Math Supports/Tutoring Survey.  *   Overview of K-12 Required Lessons for November’s Remembrance and Reconciliation Month – Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader  *   Reporting and Reducing Bullying and Violence – providing input on school issues with bullying and violence that disrupts a positive learning environment, and what steps are being planned to improve the environment for all