The October 2021 Meeting – “Let’s Get Organized, Part II”

NAACP Parents’ Council-October 2021 Meeting-Link to Meeting Video

Breakout Sessions:

Virtual Academy -speaker Donald Whitfield, Parents’ Council Representative, Virtual Academy, Lower School

The End Game-College and Career Ready – Phalia West, Counselor, Seneca Valley HS

Launching Your Parents’ Council – Wanda Brown, Parents’ Council Advisor


Break Out Session: Virtual Academy and Powerpoint Presentation

Discussion Summary

  • Enrollment statistics by Race/Ethnicity and Services were presented and summarized
  • There are an estimated 3000 students enrolled in the Virtual Academy
  • If a student enrolled in the Virtual Academy wants to return to in-person learning, then the transition must be done at the end of the marking period
  • Students must reapply each year
  • There is a waiting list of over 800 students.  It was believed that some on the waiting list are not enrolled in school.  However, it was noted by one parent that for her student, she was told by MCPS that she would have to send her child to in-person school or the student would be withdrawn from MCPS
  • Parents inquired about the waiting list asking what the process is for getting a student off the waiting list.  The presenter acknowledged that this has not been clearly communicated
  • There is still capacity with teachers. There are not enough. It was noted in the chat that maybe unvaccinated teachers could be added to the virtual academy.
  • Students requiring Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) accommodations (504, IEP, etc) are required to attend in-person.  All accommodations cannot be setup and monitored from home.
  • Individuals are trying to form a PTSA for the Virtual Academy with responsibilities including:
  • Creating a yearbook, School logo
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Identifying a PC Rep, plus others
  • A parent asked about being the Parent Council Representative for the Upper Schools


Break Out Session: The End Game-College and Career Ready

  • Assumption is that students will start early college courses in 11th and 12th grade
  • There is a Dual Enrollment Program Assistant at each High School who can
  • provide information for enrolling in the program
  • help identify prerequisites
  • identify scholarships for qualified students
  • In order to qualify for dual enrollment, you must
  • Be 16 years of age (there are some exceptions)
  • Have a 3.0 if you are a junior
  • Have a 2.75 if you are a senior
  • Students can take 2 classes per semester (online or on campus)
  • Students have access to all 3 Montgomery College campuses
  • Classes are taught by college professors
  • Students can opt out of having grades added to report card
  • Students can take classes at other colleges; MC is the biggest partner
  • Dual enrollment and early college are different programs
  • Early college
  • Invitation based
  • Full Day
  • Receive Associates Degree
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Must meet requirements detailed above
  • Part Time
  • Allows receipt of college credit towards a degree
  • Important that students have solid foundation in Math and Writing
  • Important that parents and students complete FAFSA on time
  • 3 Montgomery County College campuses


Break Out Session: Launching Your Parents’ Council and Power Point Presentation 

Organization Structure:

  • National NAACP
  • NAACP- #7022 Montgomery County, MD
  • NAACP Education Committee
  • Parents’ Council
  • Executive Team
  • Advisors
  • Cluster Representatives
  • School Representatives


Your role as a Parent Council Representative includes:

  • First step is to obtain contact list from principals. Participants were asked if they have obtained lists. Only a couple have.
  • Dashboard of things done at Bethesda Chevy Chase shared with the group.
  • The role of a Representative is to organize meetings, engage parents
  • Stay involved and in the know so you’re aware of what’s going on at the school
  • Keep meeting even if you start out with low attendance. Attendance will grow; keep activities going.
  • Follow up emails with those unable to attend
  • Essential tools – MCPS Calendar, Join PTA, know by-laws, find out about funding and how NAACP rep can get help
  • Create or think of a Label/Name for your organization at your school
  • Work closely with and partner with principal or other school administrator
  • Work closely with cluster schools as a cluster
  •  NAACP Parents’ Council web page link shared. Use this as a resource.
  •  Encourage to continued networking
  •  Identify PC items that will be shared: Draft agenda, ppt, ES contacts
  •  Comments received from multiple new parent representatives in this session with lots of good questions. There is a desire to learn and receive more guidance.
  • Advocating for African American students in your school
  • Becoming a member of the NAACP
  • Sharing information presented at PC meetings and on The Parents’ Council listserve
  • Serving as a Liaison between school and parents
  • Connecting parents with services presented at PC meetings
  • Attending monthly PC meetings
  • Referring parents with a concern to our Parents’ Council Advisors
  • Planning/supporting activities for AA parents and students at your school. (You can partner with schools in your cluster when planning events.)
  • Refer to the Parent Council Handbook as a resource

Useful NAACP Parents’ Council Websites and other Resources

Sample Agenda First School Meeting:

How to Approach Increasing My Child’s Academic Achievement:

Lets’s Get Organized:

Notes 1st Meeting Agenda: