The September 2018 Meeting

The September meeting entitled, Pairing up with our Partners, focused on several MCPS related organizations. Below are a few key points presented from each group. Want to contribute to our notes? Let us know.

Troy Horsley shares important information about Saturday School and the many programs offered.



George B. Thomas Learning Academy Saturday School-There are several different programs for all students. Saturday School began on Sept. 15, 2018 but registrations are still being accepted. These programs are held in different high schools throughout the county. Breakfast is provided at some centers and bus transportation is available too. Thanks Troy Horsley for coming to speak to us about Saturday School.

Saturday School Website Link




Dr. Alana Murray shares information about MCABSE.

MCABSE- Montgomery County Association of Black School Educators. Thank you Dr. Alana Murray for coming to speak with us about this organization.

  • MCPS is working on improving how they recruit and retain teachers of color
  • Hiring men of color is still a challenge. MCPS has worked with paraeducators in the past to encourage them to enter the teaching field
  • The PC reps are encouraged to sit on Textbook committees to ensure that our students are exposed to classroom readings that feature many different perspectives
  • The PC reps must stay alert to the process of the new curriculum.

MCABSE Website Link


AASAAG– African American Student Achievement Action Group. Frances Frost spoke about the focus on AASAAG. This group meets monthly and is focused on eliminating the achievement gap. Any Parents’ Council representatives interested in volunteering for this group, should let us know.

Frances Frost lets us know that AASAAG is looking for new volunteers for this group.


MCCPTA– Montgomery County PTA’s. Laura Stewart shared several key points with us about the work of MCCPTA:

  •  One dollar of your PTA dues goes to MCCPTA
  • They are a county wide group concerned with many issues that affect our children. A few include Capital budget, Gun Safety,

    Laura Stewart speaks about MCCPTA.

    Lead in Water, The Lockbox initiative, Air Quality, Equitable opportunities, Screen Time in the Classroom, Mental Health, Boundary Studies and more

  • This group has delegates that attend Cluster Coordinator meetings. PC reps may ask if they can attend these informational meetings.

MCCPTA Website Link